Local Authority

Thanks to our relationship with the National Land Information Service (NLIS) we offer electronic connectivity to every local authority in England and Wales. So, not only do you get direct access to essential information, you receive details of turnaround times too. We also offer a personal search alternative if this is your preference.

There are two basic parts of a Local Authority search. Firstly, there's the LLC1, this brings up all entries on the Local Land Charge Register.

Then there’s the CON29R. This search covers thirteen different subjects, highlighting things like planning applications, building control history, any restrictions on development, plus details of nearby road development schemes.

The CON29O is an extended search and offers the home buyer optional enquiries on areas such as public rights of way, pipelines, disputes and boundaries, even pollution notices.

The majority of local authority searches are carried out by an official team at the relevant local council office. These are known as Official Searches.

However, some conveyancers prefer to use personal searches where a third party is granted direct access to the Council's records to collate their own report.

In addition, we also provide searches which give a more comprehensive view on any issues relating to highways which may impact your client's buying decision. The Local Authority Highways Search gives a view on the current status and rights surrounding roads and pathways within and surrounding the property boundary, in addition to offering information on future highway development which may impact the property.

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