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news: 04 January 2021

We don’t stop at search, we start with service

Thames Water Property Searches always start with service that is second to none.

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news: 07 December 2020

Happy Holidays!

We will be open for business throughout the Christmas and New Year period.

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news: 09 November 2020

Thames Water Property Searches Phone Number Change

With the current ongoing challenges, you may occasionally experience delays as we continue to process searches in these challenging times. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your ongoing patience during this time.

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news: 20 April 2020

Changes to Landmark Commercial searches

We would like to inform our customers that from the 18th April 2020, Landmark Information Group have advised that they will be decommissioning two of their commercial reports, RiskView Commercial and Sitecheck Flood.

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news: 3 December 2019

Thames Water Property Searches: Dedicated to training

My inbox is groaning with invitations to 'free' events.  And like you, I have given up several mornings/days attending talks which, although mildly informative, do not compensate for the avalanche of work awaiting me when I return to my desk.

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news: 11 October 2019

Does Fracking Pose a Risk to Your Commercial Property Interests?

Hydraulic fracturing (also known as ‘fracking’) is nothing new in the UK; indeed, it has been used actively in North Sea oil and gas wells since the 1970s.  The more recent phenomenon and one that has garnered a great deal of negative press and controversy is the extraction of shale gas using fracking techniques, which could adversely impact surrounding land and properties.

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news: 30 September 2019

The Effect of the Rising UK Flood Risk on Commercial Property

As a society, we tend to quickly forget past events such as weather-related disasters, rather than heed lessons for the future.  A timely reminder was the recent flooding in the North Yorkshire Dales in July 2019, during which torrential rain caused 100 homes and several businesses to be underwater.

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news: 09 September 2019

The importance of embracing property searches for commercial leases

A commercial property lease is normally one of the biggest overheads a business has after wages. This is not taking into account the initial outlay for renovations often required to ensure the premises is fit to benefit the commercial activities of the leaseholder. However, many organisations instructing Solicitors to manage the legal aspects of securing a commercial lease decline to invest in basic property searches.

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news: 31 May 2019

Events, sponsorship and training opportunities 2019

Our Thames Water Property Searches CPD events are extremely popular. Each year we invite industry leading speakers to present on a wide range of topics relating to the challenges and opportunities currently facing conveyancers. Experts in their field, our speakers provide in-depth knowledge, bags of enthusiasm and some great ideas that can be immediately implemented into your day-to-day activities.

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news: 30 May 2019

Thames Water Property Searches Commercial Conveyancing CPD

According to reports, commercial property is expected to rebound once the uncertainty surrounding Brexit subsides.  A wealth of domestic and overseas investors are poised to advance their plans once a clear picture of the UK’s future is formed.

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news: 14 May 2019

FCI's commercial environmental reports have changed

We are pleased to inform our customers that Future Climate Info have made changes to their commercial environmental reports. From the 8th May 2019, the FCI Commercial Standard and FCI Commercial Premium reports were replaced with two new reports: FCI Retail and FCI Commercial.

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news: 02 May 2019

Commercial Conveyancing and Cyber Security: Beyond the Basics

For business leaders in the conveyancing sector, ‘Friday Afternoon Fraud’, whereby cyber criminals intercept emails between a conveyancer and client to steal funds intended for a property purchase, is now a widely understood and recognised risk to law firms and their clients.  Indeed, authorities and regulators have made great strides in providing detailed guidance on avoiding cyber fraud in property transactions.

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news: 02 May 2019

Thames Water Property Searches Residential Conveyancing CPD

Thames Water Property Searches are delighted to announce a new conveyancing CPD event, focusing on the residential property market, its current status, recent legislation changes, cybersecurity risks and protective measures, and the possible effects of Brexit.

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news: 05 March 2019

Bringing you the new and improved Groundsure Homebuyers report

Working closely with leading suppliers such as Groundsure, Thames Water Property Searches ensure that we not only sell the searches but fully understand the detail within them.

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news: 17 December 2018

CON29DW Updated Terms and Conditions

As a producer of the Law Society's CON29DW, Thames Water Property Searches understand that in a profession that demands comprehensive answers, the CON29DW provides everything you need to know about the water and sewerage assets for your client's property purchase. The data used to compile the report is comprehensive and you can rely on its accuracy with terms and conditions in place to support you and your client.

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news: 22 November 2018

Calling all conveyancers: Future Climate Info’s commercial environmental reports available now

We are pleased to inform our conveyancer customers that Future Climate Info’s innovative suite of commercial environmental Standard and Premium reports are available from Thames Water Property Searches, analysing key data on contaminated land, flood, ground stability, as well as energy and infrastructure.

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news: 19 July 2018

Thames Water Property Searches Notification of Price Changes

Thames Water Property Searches will be increasing the price of its Residential CON29DW and Commercial Drainage & Water Enquiries from 1 September 2018 in line with RPI at 3.23%.

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news: 11 July 2018

Keeping you up-to-date: Local Land Charges moving towards a more digital future

In terms of conveyancing searches, the LLC1 and CON29 are synonymous with local authorities and currently, they are both usually submitted together. However, HMLR’s Local Land Charges Register consolidation programme will see LLC1’s, post data migration, being submitted to and completed by HMLR with only the CON29 going to local authorities.

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news: 15 January 2018

Conveyancing check list: how to protect your clients prior to property purchase

When your client is considering purchasing a property, are you asking questions such as: are those nearby fields safe from development, or have the neighbours applied to extend their basement?  

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news: 19 December 2017

"Extremely useful" and "very helpful" - a jolly reaction to December's residential conveyancing CPD event

A hardy band of solicitors and conveyancers braved snow and ice in early December, to attend our latest residential conveyancing CPD event.

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news: 15 December 2017

Events, sponsorship and training opportunities 2018

Our Thames Water Property Searches CPD events are extremely popular. Each year we invite industry leading speakers to present on a wide range of topics relating to the challenges and opportunities currently facing conveyancers. 

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news: 13 December 2017

Calling all conveyancers

Future Climate Info's residential environmental reports available now.

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news: 7 December 2017

Season's Greetings

We will be open for business throughout the Christmas and New Year period.

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news: 17 November 2017

Conveyancing Check List: Five ways your residential property clients are affected by the changes to sewerage legislation.

The law regarding sewerage legislation has changed. Thames Water Property Searches Account Manager Jason Harper explains why conveyancers should be made aware of this change in legislation.

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news: 3 November 2017

Conveyancing: Home truths

The Drainage and Water Searches Network (DWSN) were proud to sponsor this year’s Law Society Gazette Conveyancing Roundtable on 11 September, chaired by Editor, Eduardo de Reyes and hosted by TLT.

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news: 25 October 2017

Celebrating 15 years of the CON29DW: 2002 to 2017 and beyond

The Drainage and Water Searches Network (DWSN) hosted a celebratory lunch for senior industry stakeholders at The Gherkin, London on Thursday, 19 October to mark the 15th Anniversary of the CON29DW.

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news: 17 August 2017

Does surface water from the property drain to a public sewer?

Jason Harper, Account Manager

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news: 28 July 2017

FREE Residential CPD Event: The Importance of Information

Each year we invite industry leading speakers to present on a wide range of topics relating to the challenges and opportunities currently facing conveyancers. 

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news: 12 July 2017

TWPS Private Sewer Transfer and SuDS CPD still proving to be a useful and popular topic

Despite the private sewer transfer being 5 years old, questions still remain and confusion is still apparent. 

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news: 4 July 2017

Our latest Continual Professional Development (CPD) event at the STEAM Museum was just the ticket – time to get on board?

Did you know that all CPD courses run by Thames Water Property Searches are designed to help ensure you’re in line with most recent Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) guidelines?

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insight: 9 May 2017

Blog: Delving deeper into the Local Authority search and CON29 changes with Jan Boothroyd

Our recent CPD event included a very interesting talk from Jan Boothroyd, the Chief Executive of Land Data, on Local Authority Searches. Jan is acknowledged as the leading Local Land Charges expert in England and Wales and is a long-standing member of The Law Society CON29 Working Party as well as being the author of the highly insightful "Garner’s Local Land Charges" book. 

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news: 4 May 2017

‘Excellent – as always’: the verdict’s in on our latest CPD event

Commercial conveyancing was the theme of the day-long conference, which took place at Chelsea Old Town Hall on Thursday 20 April. A total of 64 delegates came to hear the four speakers talk about a wide variety of pertinent topics from negotiating break option terms for tenants to changes in drainage legislation.

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news: 5 April 2017

Unexploded ordnance device search

TWPS expands portfolio to include unexploded ordnance devices search

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news: 15 March 2017

Retail market opening

From April 2017, all non-household customers in England will be able to choose their water and sewerage retail services provider. This is due to a change in the law under the Water Act 2014, designed to introduce competition into the water industry

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